$35 x Person


Metro Area Tours

Rental conditions:
  • You have to be 16 years or older to drive one of our scooters
  • Passengers needs to be 12 years or older
Needs to rent in advance
  • Rentals of 1 to 8 hours need to be separate in advance in our website.
Deposit & Reservation:
  • A $300 deposit it is required to rent a moto scooter.
  • All reservation needs to be done under the credit card owner.
  • To reserve all of your credit card information should match your residential address.
  • At the checking we will require the credit card used to reserve and a valid identification card.
  • All driver requires a valid driver license.
  • Use of long pants and close shoes are require.
Limitation & liabilities:
  • For security reason pregnant womens are not allow to ride.
  • If you incur in a driving fine while using our scooter the rental person will be responsable for all the charges plus a service fee. The amount will needed to be paid in full at the moment of the rental checkout and the rental person is responsable to notify us.
  • Motor scooter does not have insurance, any damages the rental person will be responsable.
  • Any injury to you or to your passenger, we are not responsable. We encourage you to drive safety and following the Puerto Rico driving rules.
  • Drinking or use of drugs are prohibited while driving our moto scooters.


  • Any additional passenger riding on the same scooter will incur in a $15 charge per hour.
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